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Goltijora 1 year ago
First, has this type of thing happened before? Consider her job type, sometimes a job's requirements can change and force a person to change their hours expectantly. Second, I feel you are jumping to the worst conclusion, but maybe look for other signs instead of just her work schedule. For all else, speak with her. Telling her you have concerns isn't a bad thing and for many women showing you aren't afraid to communicate is a great thing. She could easily dispel you concerns by telling you what is really happening. Of course, this is not full-proof, she could lie. She could be cheating and that's an awful thing to happen. If it does, don't worry, you will find someone who truly cares for you.
Neshura 1 year ago
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Kigakasa 1 year ago
I'm not sure you can find a single commonality. Maybe belief in a creator god.
Shakacage 1 year ago
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